TOP-level agent for athletes

Sport-Men International (KNVB Registered Intermediary) is the agent for professional athletes in all areas, such as:

  • Concluding or renewing contracts
  • Realising and managing (international) transfers
  • Contacts with trainers, clubs, and sponsors
  • Coaching

Additionally, things like education and life in society after your career as a professional athlete are in safe hands with us.

At Sportmen International, terms such as reliable, involved, and determined aren’t empty words but a way of working to make the most of your career as an athlete with you, and together ensure a good future in society after your life as an athlete.

The agent [link]Leon Polderman[link] at Sportmen International is no stranger in the world of sports. As a professional athlete (footballer), Leon has finished a career at several football clubs and has done scouting at amateur clubs, because of which he can see qualities and talent in sportsmen and sportswomen.

Sport-Men International is more than just a football agent; as an agent, we look after all the daily concerns of the professional athlete who wants to concentrate on his or her career as an athlete. We do this in a professional and involved way, by collaborating with specialists in any field.

In the field of business, we are the agent for, among other things:

  • Concluding or renewing contracts with clubs, sponsors, or trainers
  • Realising (international)transfers
  • Advising and counselling in fiscal and/or financial matters
  • Counselling and training in the field of media and PR matters
  • Offering coaching in mental, athletic, technical, as well as tactical fields.
  • Safeguarding intellectual property rights, like portrait rights and the use of your name
  • Developing commercial activities alongside your career in sports
  • Counselling and coaching from A to Z

Our agency operates at a very high level of quality, focused on the sportsman or sportswoman of today. Naturally, we document everything meticulously and provide a clear and organised reporting, so you, as an athlete, have insight and can rely on an agent that looks after your interests like no other.

Whether you are a [link]footballer, [link]handball player, [link]swimmer, golfer, or practitioner of any other sport, man or woman, and you are looking for someone who can help you to make the most of your career as a professional athlete, then you’ve come to the right place at Sportmen International. We can also guide you as an agent if you are a [link]trainer.

Have you already got someone who looks after your interests, but are you looking for another agent? Feel free to contact us for a non-committal introductory meeting.